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you can be king again

को प्रकाशित Dec 18, 2013
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आप वीडियो को देख रहे हैं you can be king again. आप ऑनलाइन देख सकते हैं और एमपी 3, वेबएम, एफएलवी, 3 जीपी, एमपी 3, पूरी तरह से मुफ्त में कई प्रारूपों के साथ you can be king again हाई-स्पीड वीडियो डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। youlazybum द्वारा अपलोड करें

वीडियो क्लिप you can be king again

UPDATE: the anime is hotarubi no mori e and the song is King by Lauren Aquilina.

I wanted to edit this film for ages but I couldn't find the right song, then I found this. This is heavily inspired by this AMV right here http://todaytv8.com/video-clip-hot_ccFcJ80c...

Sorry if this upload was too soon, I just wanted it up and out of the way. Guess you could say this is dedicated to a small few as well. Hope you guys enjoy this though, it's nice to be able to edit something like this. My comfort is in editing in this style, I just worry it's too simple sometimes. BUT YEAH enjoy!

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