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Understanding Firewatch&39s Brutal Ending

को प्रकाशित Feb 23, 2016
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आप वीडियो को देख रहे हैं Understanding Firewatch&39s Brutal Ending. आप ऑनलाइन देख सकते हैं और एमपी 3, वेबएम, एफएलवी, 3 जीपी, एमपी 3, पूरी तरह से मुफ्त में कई प्रारूपों के साथ Understanding Firewatch&39s Brutal Ending हाई-स्पीड वीडियो डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। NIKMOE द्वारा अपलोड करें

वीडियो क्लिप Understanding Firewatch&39s Brutal Ending

Firewatch is known for taking players on a journey, and kicking them in the gut when its over. I decided to take apart Firewatch and give meaning to its controversial ending because believe Firewatch has one of the most powerful endings in modern games. It's almost too real to handle.

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Shout outs to http://www.reddit.com/r/firewatch for some inspiring discussion on this game!

Credit to RabidRetrospectGames for the playthrough footage used in this commentary! http://todaytv8.com/video-clip-hot_ccO_r6t...

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Understanding Firewatch&39s Brutal Ending Understanding Firewatch&39s Brutal Ending Understanding Firewatch&39s Brutal Ending
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